Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baneraghatta! A little oasis.

Baneraghatta National Park is a Little unknown destination. Located hardly 30 km from Bangalore it harbours wild elephants,leopards, wild dogs, gaurs,barking deer, chitals and numerous small carnivores and bird species. I m not talking about the zoo side at all. The park spans 104 sq. kms which includes ten reserve forests of Anekal Range of the Bangalore Forest Division. It is surrounded by scenic hills, with many ancient temples perched on them.

The principal inhabitants of the national park are elephants, which migrate from Kollegal and nearby Tamil Nadu territory, for the major part of the year. The abundant bamboo growth provides fodder for these Gentle Giants.

I visited this place and was amazed at the beauty. It was shocking to see it so close to Bangalore. My Dear friend had a farm and he invited us to stay. Its a wonderful delight to trek and watch the little green bee eaters sand bathing. :) A wonderful hill gives you a spectacular view of the range of hills and the city (Bangalore). Its amazing how this Oasis exists for the wild animals.
This park has so many pressures on it such as the ever increasing human habitation around, poaching and the illegal mining. This mining is destroying the place. The sound is so loud and deafening.

There is no viable corridor for the Elephants and they have to cross the high way to migrate.
I sincerely wish that this place survives for these wild creatures.

The sunset!

My Next trip to Baneraghatta was with a group of Wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists. We camped at GeeD. We sat up and enjoyed each others company and also brought in a friends birthday.Tha cake shape: A gps unit:)
We trekked up to dodda beta that evening and watched the view.
Next morning we went on a coracle boat ride on a lake near the farm. It was fun :)

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