Monday, November 30, 2009


When ever i visit this place i am always excited and learn or see something new. :)

I saw a beautiful Crocodile lazing on the river.

I have always wished to see a Great Pied Hornbill as i'v seen the other tHree I.E, the Malabar Pied, Malabar Grey and The Indian Grey Hornbill. We had got permission to visit Sykes Point In Dandeli. Its a beautiful valley with the kali river gushing in full fury. So we drove up and as we reached I suddenly see GREAT PIED HORNBILLS GLIDING :) as we were on top we had a spectacular view i ended up counting 30 great pied flying one after the other. I got more than i bargained for and was grinning from Ear to ear.

A spectacular place offering great sights :)

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