Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My World!

When i first started blogging i wanted my excitement and love for Wildlife to rub off on people and to also show the beauty of our forests, Flora and Fauna. I've learn't and seen so many things being in a forest and the memories of various instances are still vivid in my mind. Passion is a key factor to be in this field and if you do let yourself submit to nature, she will certainly enthrall you.

Conservation includes many aspects and is a long term process. There are different success formulas depending on each situation and this is vital as there can be no hard and fast rule. The cause should be identified at the grassroot level and likewise a solution found.

Today the main threat faced by wildlife all over the world is from Habitat Loss and the need is to stem this loss. As individuals we all have a role to play and i believe small efforts do contribute largely. I don't agree its wishful thinking. Today we are aware but the most important question is Are we doing anything about it?

Make choices that would certainly help the environment and contribute when you can. Being responsible is important and with today's technology we can.

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